Camera Repair

store-repairsFaulty Camera? Dust on sensor? We can help

We repair most brands of digital camera repair, digital SLRs lenses, DSLR sensor cleaning, .

Digital Compact Camera Repairs
• Broken lcd screen
• Faulty Zoom
• Damaged battery cover

DSLR Camera Repairs
• Damaged Card Reader
• Faulty Shutter
• Damaged LCD
• Focus Screen and Sensor Cleaning

DSLR Sensor Cleaning
Sensor cleaning requires experience to do it properly. A clean sensor will save time and money. No long hours on the computer touching out dirty marks.

Lens Repairs
We repair most types of lens.
• Prime and zoom lenses.
• Manual and Auto focus.
• Faulty Zoom
• Faulty Focusing
• Faulty Iris

It couldn't be easier to get your digital camera, DSLR, lens repaired. Simply request a free estimate and one of our dedicated team of photographic technicians will supply you with a free repair estimate. Then simply bring your equipment to our store and we’ll repair it for you with a fully guaranteed for 12 months.

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