Memory cards are one of the most precious things you will own, after all it holds all your beautiful memories of your loved ones and wonderful places you may have visited. So how should you care for my camera memory card so that it lasts as long as possible and you get the best results from it? Here are a few tips for using and caring for your memory card:
1. Switch your camera off before removing the memory card This is to prevent any ‘voltage shock’ on the removal of the memory card caused by the camera. Camera manufactures have made improvements in this area but it is better to be safe than sorry.
2. Replace or recharge batteries before they run low You may have come across an image that hasn't been fully written on your memory card or a card error has appeared on your camera screen. However, this can be prevented by simply making sure that your camera battery has been recharged or have been replaced with a fresh set before they have completely run down.
3. Reformat your memory card periodically Every now and again reformat your memory card. This will wipe any data, file names and images on the card and set it up afresh for your camera. Before formatting your card, download any images on the card to an external hard drive, CD etc and have them printed or your will lose them.
4. Always format your memory card in the camera you wish to use it in When formatting your memory card it deletes all data and images on the card, in order to prevent any images being lost you should make sure you have stored them digitally else where i.e external drive, hard drive, CD If you're using someone else’s card in your camera you may come across issues that can be resolved by reformatting your card in the camera you wish to use the card on. This will allow the card to set up specifically for your camera.
5. Keeping a couple cards can be better than one
Keeping more than one card with you is handy in the sense that you are able to continue to use your camera if one of your memory card gets filled up or gets corrupted in any form whilst you’re on holiday or out on a day trip.
6. If you accidentally delete your images or see a “card error” - Stop Shooting
Working in the photo industry we sadly see so many heart broken customers come to our store who have lost images off their memory card, these could have accidentally been deleted or the card is showing an error. If any of these problems do occur, the key is to stop using your card or else you may over write other images. All is not lost, there is still a chance your images can still be retrieved with our data recovery service. For more details on our data recovery service call us: 01564 774903.
7. Good Maintenance Keep your cards dry and clean, storing them in plastic casing whilst they are not been used in the camera.
8. Backing up images on a regular base. We can’t stress enough the importance of backing your images onto a secondary device, this could be anything from an external hard drive, CD or sum form of “cloud” etc. We recommend you do this regularly to insure your images are safe in case a problem occurs with your memory card. We always advise our customers to PRINT PRINT PRINT their favourite images to share with family and friends and most importantly their future generations.
Got some memory card tips you would like to share? We would love to hearing from you :). by Harvey Kaur Knowle Photographic

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